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Get the good night's
sleep you both need

Here at Youffy we believe that the first few month's of your baby's life should not be filled with the stress of getting up at 2 am in the morning to feed them. With our team of competent nurses and caregivers, we can give your child the best care possible while ensuring you get a good night's sleep

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About Our Services

We provide competent, professional, and expertly trained staff to ensure your newborn gets the best care possible. Each of the staff assigned has years of experience in caring for young babies and are backed by our nursing department that ensures they are supervised and guided in proper care every step of the way.

Baby Care Consulting With Youffy

We provide a wide variety of different services and packages that you can choose from when it comes to the care you want for your child. Our nursing department can provide services that are uniquely specific to your needs and provide consultation when it comes to various aspects of childcare should you require it.

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What Well Rested Parents Say

“Youffy has given me the peace of mind I need to sleep comfortably in evenings so that I can go to work and do my best.”

Loren S.

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